Each Session Is Personal, Encouraging and Informative

At A Room For Pilates Studio clients are offered one on one sessions where all the exercises and activities are tailored just for you!
Whether you come with personal fitness goals, or specific needs to transform pain and chronic stiffness, the session you have will be designed to meet your unique needs.
You will be guided carefully throughout the hour and constantly given appropriate feedback in how you are moving and utilizing the exercises.
The majority of the session is usually spent on the reformer with short stints of related exercises on the mat using the accessories and at the barre.
The feeling of your session will be personal, encouraging and informative as to how the exercises you are doing are beneficial for your specific needs. Clients find that over time attending weekly one on one Pilates sessions brings about a new level of physical well-being that is unique to Pilates reformer and mat.

Each Session Includes: