I offer one-on -one customized Online Zoom Sessions for clients who would like to have weekly guided deep therapeutic stretches and gentle toning that is tailored specifically for them and done online in the privacy and comfort of their home.

We will set the zoom screen to be in “Gallery Mode” so that we both can see the client’s screen and my screen side by side. This will allow me to physically demonstrate and verbally guide all the moves we do. Clients find it easy to follow the guidance and imitate the moves they see me doing while watching their computer or “Smart TV” screen.

Zoom sessions use supportive home accessories to facilitate the moves we explore such as:

  • Yoga Blocks
  • The Foam ARC
  • The Foam Roller
  • Large Fitness Balls
  • Four Legged Chairs
  • Resistance Bands


Therapeutic Stretch/Gentle Tone Zoom Sessions

The therapeutic stretching works best for clients who are interested in deep stretching and releasing of common strains and pains such as low back strain, sciatic pain, and chronic back tension problems that range from neck and shoulders all the way through the pelvis.

I will be leading the client through an hour of these types of therapeutic exercises while providing personal feedback on how to accomplish the moves without stressing or straining the body. For these clients guided weekly stretch sessions do wonders for both recovering from stresses and injury and for preventing future problems. Most clients find that over the weeks and months of having regular sessions that they stop having frequent back strains and gain an understanding on how to address the underlying causes of the original problem.

The gentle toning exercises that I incorporate in with the therapeutic stretching bring about strength in the body and confidence in moving. In an hour long session we commonly:

  1. Utilize lower body leg movements that give both tone to the leg and strength to the abdominals and back.
  2. Explore upper body arm movements that teach clients how to manage alignment of the upper core so that we don’t stress the head, neck, shoulders or spine while strengthening the arms.
  3. Practice strain-free abdominal exercises using a four-legged chair to assist us in toning these essential muscles. These abdominal exercises both increase core strength and prevent weakness in the back without ever pulling or yanking the head, neck and low back.

Dynamic/Pilates Arc Toning Zoom Sessions: 

For those clients who have experience using the Pilates Arc and are capable of doing dynamic yoga and Pilates moves, the level two appointment will be more appropriate and fulfilling.

Not only will we breeze through the fundamental stretches and toning exercises that I list in level one, but we take the movements up a notch by focusing the hour on using the Pilates Foam Arc and moving the body in all directions and dimensions for a dynamic fitness and a slim feminine physique.

For clients who are new to the dynamic movements of yoga and pilates I recommend learning the Arc moves slowly and using a variety to support props in their zoom session so as not to overdo or strain their body. Please feel free to contact me to discuss what kind of online zoom session will be right for you and what kind of props will best suit your needs.

All clients will have the option of purchasing a recording of any Zoom session we create. The recording can be repeated and followed during the days when we don’t meet.

Email: ruthdreier @
Phone/Text: 707-529-2530