The Arc

Modern Evolution of the Spinal Corrector

The Arc, a modern adaptation of Joseph Pilates’ original Wooden “Spinal Corrector,” represents an evolution in Pilates equipment design, blending traditional concepts with contemporary materials and usability. Crafted from lightweight black foam, this innovative tool is designed to enhance and support a variety of mat exercises, making it an indispensable addition to Pilates practice.

Originally conceived as a device to aid in spinal alignment and correction, the Arc has evolved into a multifaceted tool.

Its ergonomic design provides crucial support for the back, neck, shoulders, abdominal core and legs making it an ideal accessory for exercises aimed at improving dynamic fitness and vital health.

The Arc’s shape and curve perfectly complements the natural form of the body in a variety of positions helping to facilitate effective and safe workouts both in the studio and at home.

The Arc’s lightweight foam and portable nature make it particularly appealing for clients to purchase for home use. It can be easily integrated into home mat routines, offering additional support and increasing the effectiveness of both front and side abdominal exercises and dynamic hip mobility.

This feature is especially beneficial for clients who wish to own affordable Pilates support tools to use at home while they continue to get trained on the Arc at the studio and learn how to use it to meet their goals.

The Arc supports clients through challenging moves that otherwise would require far greater strength, and ends up building confidence as they progress in their Pilates journey.

The versatility of the Arc extends beyond mat exercises as it can be used in conjunction with the reformer. By placing the arc on the reformer carriage it supports a variety of positions of the body.

Both beginners and advanced students can enjoy the benefits of the Arc on the reformer as it can add ease for beginners or challenge for advanced students as they add the new Arc positioning onto classical reformer moves.

This adaptability makes the Arc a favorite among Pilates enthusiasts of all levels!

In summary, the Arc is more than just a support tool; it’s a bridge between traditional Pilates principles and modern-day practice.

Its ease of use, combined with its ability to adapt to various exercises and skill levels, makes it an essential component in the Pilates repertoire, empowering practitioners to explore and enhance their practice safely and effectively.