This week I wanted to share information about “Studio Darien’s Pilates (Intermediate App)” which incidentally is the BEST Pilates app available and it is created by Sonoma County’s “Master Instructor” Darien Gold.

Every week I drive from my studio is in Sebastopol, CA  down to Petaluma, CA to take an ongoing Pilates mat class with Darien Gold due to her excellence as an instructor. Darien is reputed to be a “Master instructor” throughout California and has created a series of award winning Pilates DVD’s and Apps.

This past September 2017 Darien invited 6 students to learn her original magic circle choreography that would be filmed and included in her latest creation titled: “Studio Darien’s Pilates (Intermediate App)”.

I was lucky to be one of the students who participated in the filming of the magic circle choreography for the app and experienced a taste of what it is like behind the scenes of creating a Pilates video!

Below is a copy of Darien Gold’s App Advertisement as well as Darien’s website link where you can find the complete listings of her Apps, DVD’s, mat classes, private sessions and more information on her professional biography:   and


 “Studio Darien’s Pilates (Intermediate App)”

By Darien Gold

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices


“Make this app, the Studio Darien Pilates (Intermediate app), your Pilates guide to learning the proper techniques and positions of classical Pilates. You’ll gain the vocabulary, terminology and cueing used by most classical Pilates instructors. If you already are a practitioner, this app will keep you on the Pilates track when you travel. If you attend class regularly, you can add variety and duration to your repertoire by combining the mat exercises with the Rowing and Teaser series and an original Magic circle routine with its emphasis on the arms, legs, abdominals and gluteal muscles. You may amaze yourself as you see how much less effort it takes for you move throughout your day.”


 “Studio Darien’s Pilates (Intermediate App)”

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Below is a short clip from the “Studio Darien’s Pilates (Intermediate App)”

that is posted on youtube showing 6 of Darien Gold’s students (including myself Ruth Dreier) performing a segment of the the magic circle choreography.