In the photos below I am demonstrating the introductory Wunda Chair move called the “Cat Stretch” at “A Room For Pilates Studio” in Sebastopol, CA.:

–Start out by kneeling facing forward on the Pilates Wunda Chair and extend your arms up over your head and inhale air as you draw your abdominal muscles in towards your spine. Bring your hands forward as if you are diving down towards the Wunda Chair Pedal.

Place the palms of your hands on the pedal and lean forward as you press the pedal downwards.

–Keep pressing the pedal until you are all the way down on the floor (shown in the photo below).

–This position allows for a marvelous back stretch and tension release.


The “Cat Stretch” on the Pilates Wunda Chair

–When you are ready to return to a kneeling position draw way up on the abdominal muscles and round your back curling the back into an arched shape similar to what a cat looks like when it is stretching.

–Keep rounding the back until the pedal is returned to its resting position.

–At that point continue to draw up on the abdominal muscles and re-stack the spine vertebrae by vertebrae until you are back to the upright kneeling position you started in.


The rounding of the back in the “Cat Stretch” on the Pilates Wunda Chair