I wanted to introduce the abdominal circle as another way to assist people in developing abdominal and mid-section muscle tone that is useful in all forms of exercise and movement.

The abdominal circle is used to strengthen the internal and external oblique muscles by rotating the body from side to side along the frame of a large circle that you kneel on- on all fours. Exercising in this way allows people to tone the areas famous for displaying what is called “Muffin top” fat deposits.

I find this piece of equipment can almost feel like a ride at the playground to clients when they first try it! It is fun and quick and easy to use. It does require the ability to kneel on the provided knee pads and hold on to the top of the circle with your hands in order to use it. Clients must be able to withstand their body weight on their knees before attempting this piece of equipment.

Below you can see a photo of the actual Abdominal Circle and then you can see photos that show me kneeling on all 4’s on the the abdominal circle while it is placed in the doorway of my studio.You can see my legs and lower body are swinging behind me from side to side as my arms are holding my top half stable on the circle.