Jumping on the reformer while sitting on the “Arc” with crossed arms

This article follows the prior blog on the Pilates jump board that explains the general mechanics of jumping on the reformer.

In this photo I am showing how the black foam Pilates “Arc” is placed on the reformer carriage and how it can provide a place for the body to sit in ergonomic positioning for beginner jumpers.

In this photo I have my arms crossed in front of me and am taking small jumps off of the board while propped up on the “lip” of the arc so as to increase the use of the abdominal muscles.The sitting position also allows for less stress on the knees and hips when jumping.

For an individual beginning to jump on the reformer it is ideal to develop more abdominal strength by sitting or lying down in the arc.

The arm positions can change and vary in order to shift the abdominal muscles being used. Two other common positions are to extend the arms straight forward as if in a “Teaser” or to fold the hands behind the head as they are in “Criss-Cross”. The body can either lie sideways on the arc or it can kneel on all fours using the arc and padding and support.

Reformer enthusiasts love the cardiovascular workout of the jump board while assisting their weight loss and calorie burn.