I don’t blame you if you tend to forget the new exercises and stretches that we do together in your Pilates session!

Instead I grab my camera and take photos of you doing the stretches and exercises that will help you the most if you practice them at home.

You Can Work at Home

I then can email the photos to you along with some brief descriptions of the important points of the movements. This can make a profound difference to individuals wanting to heal their body or improve their level of fitness.

Helping You Be Successful

Having the photographs makes home practice easy and increases the benefits and results individuals get out of Pilates.

Photos to help you remember the routine you practiced.

Here is a photo showing the printed emails with photos and descriptions of exercises I recommended to a client.

They can be posted on a wall at home or laminated in order to protect the paper. For individuals with more advanced routines it may work best for me to video tape them doing the exercises on their phone.

I am open and happy to help you make a success out of your home practice and efforts!


A close-up shot of photos and written instructions sent to a client.


Laminated photos with instructions in the pocket of a gym bag! (They are easy to take to the gym for practice time and the lamination keeps them from being rumpled).