The Pilates Cadillac or Trapeze Table at A Room For Pilates Studio in Sebastopol, CA

The Pilates “Cadillac” is also called the “Trapeze Table” and supplies a variety of exercises that allow the body to build core strength while it is being suspended in differing directions. The sturdy canopy frame supports three hanging pieces of equipment that can be used to facilitate suspended movement:

  • The first hanging piece is a metal “Push Through Bar” that is secured at the end of the Cadillac between the top canopy and the base table. Resistance springs can be attached on either side of the Push Through Bar supplying resistance to either pushing it upwards or pushing it downwards depending on the exercise. In the exercises where the hands grip the Push Through Bar and push it in one direction or another the arm muscles, shoulders and top abdominal are utilized to support the body.
  • In exercises where the feet are pressed against the Push Through Bar clients are strengthening the lower abdominal muscles and the muscles in the legs. Many people find these exercises are excellent for relieving tension in hips as the body can lie flat on the Cadillac table (supporting the hips) and the legs can push the bar directly above the hips- exercising them without the weight of the torso to support.
  • The second hanging piece is called a “Trapeze” and is attached to the canopy of the Cadillac. The Trapeze is commonly used to support the feet and legs so that the legs can be suspended above the head. It is also used as a swing to lie on in moves where the body is hanging in the air holding on to the canopy with the hands and using the Trapeze to swing the legs. These exercises tend to look more acrobatic and are considered advanced exercises.


  • The third piece is a wooden “Roll Down Bar” which is attached to the end of the Cadillac with resistance springs. Pulling against the Roll Down Bar lets the body’s full weight be supported and allows the person to accentuate spinal curl stretches and spinal extensions without falling. The Roll Down Bar is often held on to by the hands while the feet are supported in the Trapeze.


The Cadillac frame also is strong enough to attach resistance springs on to with either foot loops or hand loops. This allows arm exercises and leg exercises to be performed with the attached springs.


It is a wonderful piece of equipment that helps to meet the exercise needs of clients in need of therapeutic support and also of agile athletes in need of a challenge.