By David Walrath guest blog writer for A Room For Pilates Studio

  • Pilates is an exceptional form of exercise that can strengthen the core (torso) so that you learn to move with increased flexibility and balance.
  • By strengthening the abdominal muscles the lower back can become free of pain and far more flexible.
  • By strengthening your core your hip joints will be better able to make adjustments.
  • Core strength also increases coordination of your arms, shoulders and legs and empowers greater precision in your movements.
  • Practicing exercises that improve posture and core strength increases the control and coordination you have in the saddle.

  • Better strength and alignment will mean you are able to absorb the horse’s movements without stress.
  • You can improve your riding in the Pilates studio using Pilates mat exercises and Pilates equipment exercises.
  • Improving your personal fitness will increase your enjoyment of riding and your time caring for your horse.
  • With increased awareness and balance the communication with your horse improves.


At A Room for Pilates we have the classic Pilates ladder barrel which is very close in shape to a horse and saddle. This means that the Pilates training can specifically be done sitting on the barrel and building core muscles while in that position. This is excellent for improving the posture and stability needed in the saddle.

Working with the Ladder Barrel shape means that you can develop the thigh management that is so important in good riding. Your Pilates exercises can be practiced at home or in the studio and then directly applied to your horse back riding.

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