I love seeing the smiles on my clients’ faces as they leave my Sebastopol studio  after discovering that they can have fun, burn calories and be safe.

The Pilates reformer has a “Jump Board” which is a flat board that can be attached to the base of the reformer in order to practice the classical ballet jumps.

The benefits of practicing ballet jumps while lying down on the reformer is that there is very little impact or force of gravity bearing down on the joints, the knees and the ankles while landing. This allows for the benefits of jumping to be practiced while the risks of injury are greatly reduced.

The secondary benefit of jumping on the reformer is that it is a wonderful cardiovascular work out and is known to provide weight loss through accelerated heart rate and metabolism.

People especially appreciate the increased calorie burn and weight loss during the cold winter months and holiday food celebrations.

The heel, the ball and the toe of the feet push off from the Pilates Reformer Jump Board

The classical positioning for jumping on the reformer is to begin with the foot flat against the jump board. When the foot is “taking-off” into the jump it presses off from the heel, the ball of the foot, and finally the toe of the foot in order to propel the body away from the jump board.

As the carriage slides the body up and down the reformer during these jumps there is a distinct and delightful feeling of “taking off” or “lifting off” similar to jumping or leaping when standing.

The body is lying down as the feet mimic a jump and push the body and the reformer carriage away in a “jump”


Repetitive jumping on the Pilates reformer builds rigor and strength in the feet. It also improves agility and coordination in the limbs when the body is returning to the jump board.

After just one or two jumps people usually find they are both delighted and  breathless due to the intensity of the workout that jumping on the reformer requires. You may be surprised at the level of cardiovascular workout that the Pilates reformer can provide.

People like this rigorous workout when they want to enhance metabolic calorie burn and lose weight.