The Pilates Magic Circle is a flexible ring that is usually 14 inches in diameter with two pads on either side where you can comfortably squeeze the circle in order to create resistance and improve muscles tone.

The magic circle, a simple, light accessory that enhances results.

How to use the Pilates Magic Circle

It is common to hold the magic circle by the palms of your hands in order to strengthen and tone the upper body and core. It is equally as common to place the circle between the feet, ankles, knees or thighs in order to improve the tone and shape of the lower body too.

This is a wonderfully versatile Pilates accessory and can easily be added into a reformer routine or used alone on a mat. When you include the magic circle in an exercise it both enhances and challenge the workout. If you are wanting to empower the results you get in your home fitness routine I usually suggest clients purchase a magic circle and come to a series of one on one sessions where you can learn a full workout using the circle and little else!

Easy to Store

It is easy to store the circle by hanging it on the wall. It also fits inside a suitcase perfectly so you won’t be missing your workout on the road.

The photo shows the Merrithew Fitness Circle Lite that is used at A Room For Pilates studio in Sebastopol. I find this particular make of magic circle to be the best at creating lean muscle tone without bulk or effort.