The Pilates Wunda Chair at A Room For Pilates Studio in Sebastopol, CA.


On Saint Nicolas’s Day 2017 two large cardboard boxes arrived at “A Room For Pilates” Studio in Sebastopol, CA. The Pilates Wunda Chair was in one of those boxes and has been a joy and delight to share with clients!

Joseph Pilates originally designed The Wunda Chair as a piece of home exercise equipment that could be used both as a chair in a crowded New York City apartment and then tipped over and transformed into a space-efficient full-bodied exercise machine to work out on!

I am so impressed with how many exercises can be performed on this wonderful little box-like structure. I agree with the statement that the Wunda Chair really meets the exercise needs of the full body efficiently and keep discovering that the chair is becoming a favorite to both males and females of all ages!

You can see in this photo that the chair has a pedal with a black pad. You can press the palms of your hands against the padded pedal if you want to do strength training moves for the upper body. You can also just as easily step on the padded pedal if you want to improve balance and strength in the legs and lower abdominal muscles.

All strength levels can enjoy this wonderful traditional piece of Joseph Pilates equipment.