Begin the roll up lying on the back with arms overhead

The famous “Pilates Roll Up” is a wonderful move that helps instruct the individual how to rely solely on the use of their abdominal muscles to get them from a lying down position all the way through a seated position.

The use and strengthening of the abdominal muscles in this move turns out to be a profound healer of back stress and pain in that it supports the inherent integrity of the spine. When the integrity is supported it sets the stage for spasm and pain to be released.


Initiate abdominal muscles to lift you up towards a seated pose

The rounded positioning of the spine in this move combined with the use and strengthening of the abdominal muscles can be practiced over and over again on a daily basis.

Repeating this move reconfirms the inherent strength of the core muscles so that the individual can develop inherent strength and prevent future injury.

Rolling up past the seated pose and head towards the feet

Once you are all the way past the sitting pose in this move let yourself stretch the hands beyond your toes so that the rounded back can let go of as much muscle tension as possible. The hamstrings are also encouraged to release as the legs are completely straight during the roll up.