Client Reviews

I have had the pleasure of working with Ruthie at A Room For Pilates for approximately one year and I am thrilled with the progress we have made together. I came to A Room For Pilates after receiving a diagnosis of osteoporosis in several locations of my back and hips. Ruthie carefully reviewed my records and developed a plan that consists of osteoporosis safe exercises, standing balance and ballet barre exercises, and reformer work that strengthens and tones the entire body. My work with Ruthie has made me a stronger person, in both mind and body.

Ann P.

Occidental, CA

I have been a long time yoga practitioner, am turning 70 and have osteoporosis. I was looking to start practicing pilates to increase my core and upper body strength and support my bone health. I decided to visit A Room For Pilates for one-on-one instruction until I understood what Pilates was all about and could practice on my own. Now that I am working with Ruthie – I’ll never leave! Her instruction is spot on and the work she has me do is tailored to my body and addresses the challenges that I have. I feel relaxed and welcome in her studio, thoroughly enjoy the workout and highly recommend the one-on-one attention. It makes all of the difference!

Jennifer M.

Sebastopol, CA

Ruthie is a star. She has taken my Pilates practice to a new level. I started with her almost 3 years ago when I had a lower back injury from improper work-from-home ergonomics. I had previously done group Reformer classes, and felt proficient. Little did I know how much Ruthie would teach me. Each session feels custom to my needs, and her magic is that she continues to find ways to help me progress — even after 3 years! I am more aware of my strength and body alignment, and have so much more flexibility than before. Our weekly sessions produce tangible results that have improved performance in my favorite outdoor activities — running, hiking, snowboarding. I lift heavy bundles of firewood confident in how to protect my back. Even with so many competing life priorities, my Pilates session is the best gift that I give myself and I rarely miss it. On top of it all, I truly look forward to spending an hour with Ruthie each week — she is encouraging in such a gentle, positive and uplifting way. Don’t hesitate to book a session – no matter your age or level of experience.

Jeannine L.

Guerneville, CA

I came to Ruth Drier while I was in a critical back pain and a chronic shoulder strain from years of over use. That was 9 months ago. Ruth has amazing ability to help me correct the alignment and ways I move in life daily, to free me from the pain I generally create from the type of physical work I do daily. It is such a joy to find myself enjoying other yoga classes again, as my Pilates PT time weekly with Ruth (one-one-one) has helped inform my Yoga Practice and other athletic adventures I can do again. I love the energy she brings to every weekly session. And that is why I keep coming back! It works wonders to my every day life.

Ally C.

Sebastopol, CA

I’ve worked with Ruth at A Room For Pilates for a little over a year. I had never done Pilates and wanted to be sure I was learning the techniques and equipment correctly. Ruth’s attention to technique and using the correct muscles while keeping me challenged is what has kept me going back. I am stronger and more toned while keeping the flexibility in my body for good balance and stability. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to keep agile, toned and healthy.

Amy L.

Sebastopol, CA

Ruthie is a wonderful pilates instructor. I’ve enjoyed doing pilates with her for the past two years. She is very knowledgeable and encouraging. I am a lot more flexible since starting pilates with Ruthie. Thank you, Ruthie!

Robin M.

Sebastopol, CA

I found Ruthie and A Room for Pilates after injuring my back at work. After doing restorative stretches and gentle exercises that released my painful, tight muscles and doing gentle movements, I was able to return to work safely and stronger than ever. I am continuing to see her weekly and feel so much better after my sessions! I’m grateful to have her in Sebastopol.

Christine G.

Petaluma, CA

I have noticed a significant increase in strength and flexibility after working with Ruthie! She is a true professional who cares about others health and wellness!  

Sonja W.

Rohnert Park, CA

I have been working with Ruthie Dreier for about a month now. I started out very stiff, really stiff as a board. Strength work was not what I felt I needed since, like many men, I felt comfortable lifting weight and getting strong. What I needed was flexibility. Within this month, I can already safely and easily touch the floor with straight legs, do the downward dog in good form, and I don’t feel pain when I do all the stretches. As a major bonus, just walking around I feel lighter, better, and more “cat like”. Even a nagging lower back injury has subsided almost to the point of disappearing. Ruthie has been a perfect teacher for me: supportive, clear, never pushing me too far, and gradually and safely guiding me on the path. It’s been far more rewarding than I had expected. 

Adiel G.

Novato, CA

Ruthie is a knowledgeable Pilates Instructor who really zeros in on your needs! She has really helped me! I find her very compassionate and she knows how to make the Pilates sessions effective and fun!

Bonnie C.

Sebastopol, CA

When I moved from my SF 3rd floor flat with 49 stairs to a one story house in Sebastopol, I knew I needed a new way to get exercise. A sign on a car in a parking lot, led me to Ruth Dreier.

Ruth is very knowledgeable and clearly passionate about pilates. She works with one client at a time, asking thoughtful questions and listening carefully, Ruth creates an atmosphere that is both warm and professional. She will support and encourage you, telling you when you are doing well and helping you move forward to more challenging work. Whether in person or having to adapt to virtual lessons due to covid 19, Ruth is a superb teacher.

Tammy D.

Sebastopol, CA

I was skeptical about online Pilates after loving in-person Pilates instruction, but Ruthie has done an amazing job of transferring the in-person work into a wonderful on-line experience. She’s a gifted teacher and it’s quite remarkable how she can translate many of the Reformer techniques into an at home experience utilizing balls, rollers and other easily accessible materials. I can’t recommend her on-line class highly enough. She’s given us extra tips, recorded sessions so we can review them, and been very, very supportive.

Elena D.

Sebastopol, CA

I am very grateful for A Room for Pilates! Since beginning private sessions with Ruthie four months ago, I have enjoyed a much improved physical experience. I notice the benefits of training while doing everyday tasks from the less strenuous – such as walking up and down stairs, sitting at a desk and working on a computer or driving a car – to the more strenuous such as hauling a 50 pound bag of chicken feed. Most excitingly, after only a couple of months of sessions, I returned to road and mountain biking after several years. My husband and I rode up Mt. Tamalpais for the first time in 25 years and I was able to easily ascend the mountain thanks to Ruthie teaching me to use my body more efficiently. Also, my knee that often felt painful since it was injured several years ago has felt better and is stronger. And after decades of needing chiropractic adjustments on a frequent basis, I have needed only one since training at A Room for Pilates.

Prior to working with Ruthie, the only experience I had with pilates was on a mat at home while following an instructor on a video. That approach often resulted in physical pain, so I began to think that pilates wasn’t a good fit for me. But because my mom – who is in her mid seventies and still playing tennis – credits her sustained physical strength to practicing pilates on a reformer with an instructor, I decided to try the same. Ruthie’s instruction style is perfect for me. She is so encouraging and sets a pace that enables me to gain strength with each session without overdoing and ending up in pain that becomes a disincentive for returning. She always asks how my body is feeling and if there are areas of it or exercises that I would like to focus on for that session. Her studio is an inviting and peaceful space. There is always parking available in the lot for the building. Ruthie stays on schedule and is prompt with communication when arranging for appointments, etc….

Ruthie has commented that strengthening through pilates can provide so much freedom, and I totally agree! Because of the benefits that I have enjoyed from the private training sessions, I feel that the money for them is well spent. I happily and highly recommend A Room for Pilates!

Dawn W.

Sebastopol, CA

I would highly recommend A Room For Pilates with Ruthie! Ruthie is extremely knowledgeable in her craft and the human body, which was invaluable to me as a dancer with injuries. Ruth helped me better understand my body mechanics and gave me exercises to strengthen areas in which traditional workout methods were unable to access. Ruthie’s studio is a calm and inviting place to be and Ruthie is so approachable and kind. I came to Ruthie with no prior knowledge of Pilates; now I have the tools to prevent dance injuries, keep my body in alignment, and maintain my full body strength! Thank you Ruthie!

Sam W.

New York, NY

Ruthie really listens to what your body needs and picks a program that works best for you and your body , all while coaching you through your entire session making you feel comfortable the whole way through.  
Elaine E.

Santa Rosa, CA

Ruthie is so knowledgeable and thorough. She watched my technique very carefully and was able to identify the cause of my pain and give me tools to improve my posture and work on strengthening the correct muscles to ease the pain going forward. I learned more in 2 sessions with Ruthie than I did in 6 months of physical therapy! I would highly recommend her!

Cathy O.

Chico, CA

Invest in yourself by working with Ruthie! I’ve been looking for ways to exercise for years but have never stuck with anything until I found Ruthie and her one-on-one Pilates sessions at A Room for Pilates. While I consider myself to be a healthy person, like most of us, I have those places that hurt or are stiff. Ruthie creates an individualized program that suits my pace and takes into account my unique needs. Her price is very reasonable. So, I wouldn’t change my individual sessions with Ruthie for any group class. I find myself enjoying our sessions. My self-image and self-esteem have improved tremendously since I began. I feel strong and capable, and feel an overall sense of physical and mental wellbeing. Thank you Ruthie 🙂

Anna G.

Sebastopol, CA

Ruthie is a very helpful and enthusiastic pilates instructor!

Brittany S.

Sebastopol, CA

Pilates is a weekly part of my life now — thanks to Ruthie’s caring, one-on-one approach. I appreciate her attention; she meets me at my level and then encourages me to reach for a little more. And she always keeps it interesting, bringing in new moves and helping hone technique. Plus, I’m learning so much from her extensive knowledge of body mechanics. Ruthie is a gem!  

Victoria L.

Sebastopol, CA

I am fairly new to Pilates and started seeing Ruth a few months ago. I had tried group classes and felt the benefits of Pilates, but really didn’t know much about the extent of Pilates. I like to run and was interested in Ruth’s significant background as a runner. After just a few months of weekly sessions with Ruth I am amazed at her ability to transform, empower, strengthen, and coach with such positive energy and positive results. It is rare to find someone who so gracefully pairs knowledge with kindness; and leaves you feeling uplifted both in spirit and strength. Five stars and a big high five for Ruthie — she is the best!

Cari W.

Sebastopol, CA

Ruthie is amazing! She is so very knowledgeable, patient, encouraging, works with you for what works for you not on some specific program for the masses and produces results quickly. I’m so glad I found her!
Jane P.

Santa Rosa, CA

I love Ruthie! She is like a personal cheerleader for a full hour of body balancing and fun on the many machines she has. I didn’t realize pilates could be so useful for understanding my body better and ways to correct misalignment even outside of our sessions. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a physical practice or who is having body issues of any kind.

Alexa C.

Sebastopol, CA

I am seventy years old with the usual aches and pains, especially in my lower back. I’ve always found excuses and resisted exercise, but since I started working with Ruthie about two months ago, my back pain is gone! I feel stronger in other parts of my body too. This stuff works, and Ruthie’s expertise and beautiful spirit and professionalism keep me going back for more.

Therese M.

Santa Rosa, CA

Ruthie is a talented and kind teacher who gave me the knowledge to feel confident to try pilates! Her studio is gorgeous and her equipment is top-notch. I loved using the professional tools to feel targeted and meaningful results and am totally hooked! Thank you Ruthie 🙂  

Melina M. G.

Sebastopol, CA

Ruth is fantastic at what she does! I am a runner and she always creates a Pilates session that hons in on areas of my body that need extra attention. I truly think of her as a healer and would highly recommend Room For Pilates to any person wanting to improve their physical health and become a better version of themselves.

Cheri S.

Santa Rosa, CA

I had a hip joint pain that lasted for months and hasn’t improved through various therapeutic treatments. I have never tried pilates before, and although I was interested in trying, I wasn’t very hopeful that it’d help. Ruth‘s passion and knowledge in physical fitness gave me hope and confidence that pain can be reversed and well-being can be restored. Ruth is a very compassionate listener, and I like her holistic view of the body – everything is connected, there is no need to push hard on certain stretches because she always has another exercise that stretches one part of the body but also benefits another part. Her place is called “A Room For Pilates”, and I received a ROOMFUL of pilates!

Sinian X.

Berkeley, CA

Ruthie is awesome! She’s a patient and encouraging teacher with clear instructions and demonstrations of the exercises and her cozy studio is the perfect environment for one-on-one instruction. I have muscle and joint problems which have not responded well to regular physical therapy. Ruthie’s approach to Pilates and her choice of specific exercises with an emphasis on rehabilitation seem like they will work well for me. I intend to keep coming back.

Eric H.

Berkeley, CA

Ruth has transformed my body! I get many compliments asking what I’ve been doing! Not only do I have sleek lean muscle tone but she has re-educated my body on how to move correctly. I’ve had 3 knee surgeries and have spent years compensating and protecting. Ruth’s vast knowledge of body mechanics and her diligent attention to posture and position detail is amazing! I’ve spent years in gyms and in boot camps and never before have I seen such awesome results or felt so incredible as I do know!! I am hooked on Pilates and absolutely look forward to our one on one sessions. Definitely recommend trying it out!

Allayna F.

Sebastopol, CA, Bare Raydiance Salon

Ruth is very sweet at listening to your needs and explains everything so you understand. I had never done Pilates before and knew absolutely nothing about it. I was so impressed and intrigued with the whole concept. I left feeling so relaxed. Almost felt like I had a massage. I definitely went back because the one on one is amazing and she’s just awesome! I have recommended her to everyone I know.

Heidi S.

Santa Rosa, CA

Ruth is the real deal.  A dedicated, knowledgeable professional who is enthusiastic about pilates and truly desires to help those who come to her well equipped room for pilates. I find her remarkable in her ability to be encouraging and supportive and at the same time to allows be helping me improve.  She is always committed to the best insights of Joseph Pilates and still tailors the session specifically for me, ot some rote routine.   No cookie cutter approach when working with Ruth. She takes the time to ask me how I am doing and what i want to work on and then creates a wonderful sequence for that day. Since starting to work with Ruth I have found myself moving with more ease and have found doing something like turning my body to back up in my car to be much easier. I enjoy my sessions with Ruth, find her easy to talk to and appreciate the aliveness in my body after each session.

David W.

Santa Rosa, CA

Ruthie came as a recommendation from a friend. I’m so glad I looked her up! I’ve suffered from sciatica pain on and off for many years. I’ve found Pilate classes and working on a reformer has greatly improved my level of pain and actually takes it away. Consistently working the one hour session with her has improved my body composition for a better body overall. Ruthie is very knowledgeable on how to treat conditions and injuries from chronic pain with simple body movements to achieve mobility once again. At 67 years of age, some of us have different projects we work through daily… I look forward to my weekly session with her as my new Happy Hour! She’s amazing!

Tina I.

Santa Rosa, CA

I don’t do reviews often, but I am compelled to encourage others to experience the wonders of the Pilates Reformer, and Ruth Drier (A Room for Pilates) in particular. I have been working with Ruthie for just over a year now, on a weekly basis. I was looking for a way to build my upper and lower core to ease chronic neck pain from a car accident.

When I first contacted Ruth via email, not only did she respond immediately, she provided a detailed analysis of the ways in which she might be able to offer assistance. The attention to detail has not changed since that first contact last summer. She is meticulous about planning each session to focus on ways to build upon work from the previous week, while continuing to explore new ideas and challenge me physically. The most amazing part is that she is always ready to make adjustments after checking in with me at the beginning of each session.

It is such a pleasure working with Ruthie – she is a fantastic personal trainer! I leave each session feeling like I have done well, made progress and learned key techniques for improving my body mechanics. Ruthie is so patient and intuitive during each session, subtly reminding me of key components of each move, reinforcing the correct alignment/positioning.

During the COVID shutdown, Ruthie didn’t skip a beat! She transitioned into Zoom sessions, which are amazingly effective. I must admit, I was doubtful about doing personal training via Zoom, but it has really worked well for me and she has been beyond flexible in finding a good time that works for us both.

For anyone looking for a capable, knowledgeable, patient and truly amazing personal trainer – look no further. Ruthie is a gem!

Becky G.

Sebastopol, CA