Two Introductory Videos Showing What A One on One Pilates Session Is Like With Ruth Dreier

Five Short Videos Showing Each of The Pieces Of Pilates Equipment Available At A Room For Pilates Studio

Click On Each Piece Of Equipment Below To See Short Videos showing Each Pieces Of Pilates Equipment Available At A Room For Pilates Studio

Pilates Mat

The Mat

The Mat The Pilates Mat moves are done on the floor or raised bench. The mat moves focus on building abdominal core muslces while maintaining proper alignment and avoiding any strain. Beginners are offered supportive Mat accessories to make the moves easier to performa and more empowering to do the exercises. All ages and strength levels can enjoy abdominal toning mat moves.

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ARC - A Wooden Spinal Corrector


Arc – Originally Joseph Pilates created a Wooden “Spinal Corrector” as a supportive tool for mat moves. In more recent times the design and materials have been modified for ease and now the very light weight black foam “Arc” is offered as a ma move suppoort tool. The “Arc” has become a favorite tool for beginners as the structure easily supports the body in a variety of challenging mat moves and empowers people regardless of size and strength. The “Arc” can be used on the mat and on the reformer.

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The Pilates Cadillac or Trapeze Table

The Cadillac

The Pilates Cadilla is also called the “Trapeze Table” and supplies a variety of expericenses that allow the body to be suspended in every direction. The sturdy canopy supports a hanging trapeze,a wooden roll down bar and a metal push through bar used for a variety of arm and leg resistance exercises. A full array of spring attachments make this unique piece of equipment akin to a home gym! The dynamic movements of the cadilac exercise develop core muscles you never knew you had!

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A picture of the Pilates Reformer

The Reformer

The Reformer is the most famous piece of pilates equipment and benefits people in countries all over the world. It can be used to assist healing and transformation of the body after injury or illness. It is also commonly used by professional athelets to train on and to take their fitness levels to the highest degree. Regardless of whether you are a beginner seeking improvement and restorarion or a professional athelete pushing for a personal best in Fitness, the Reformer creates length in muscles, strength, flexibility and dynamic fitness of the whole body.

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The Pilates Wunda Chair at A Room For Pilates Studio in Sebastopol, CA.

The Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair as a traditional Pilates piece of exercise equipment with a wooden pedal on it that is held up by resistance springs. There are many full body exercises where either the hands prss the pedal down and up to target upper body strength, or the feet are placed om the pedal for the building lower body strengt and corordination.

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The Pilates Ladder Barrel at A Room For Pilates Studio in Sebastopol, CA.

The Ladder Barrel

The Ladder Barrel is used for a wide range of exercises including full body stretching and spinal flexibility moves where the shape of the barrel provides support for the body to lie over and the ladder provides hand grips or a place for the feet to step on. It also is used to build strength with upside down aerobic leg moves and can be used by both beginners and advanced students.

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