I request that clients wear “grip socks” at the studio.
There is a basket where clients can leave their grip socks between sessions. I will provide you with a see-through cloth bag that you can place your socks in. Most people leave their business card inside the see-through bag in order to identify which socks are theirs. If you don’t have a business card I will make you a name  card.
I do sell high quality grip socks created by a company called “Great Soles” at the studio if you want to purchase them fro me at cost. You are also welcome to purchase any pair you like and bring it with you….. To help your search I am providing links to 4 of my favorite grip sock companies below:

Please click on the orange words below to open the links.

#1. Plain Colored Grip Socks For Men & Women

#2. Colorful and Fun Grip Socks for Men & Women

#3. Knee High Grip Socks

#4. Ballet Slipper Style Grip Socks

Muscle Cramp Remedies

I have been encouraging new clients who suffer from muscle cramps to bring these homeopathic remedies with them to their Pilates session. Taking these small tablets at the start of an appointment or during a cramping episode a fairly easy solution to the painful problem.The other suggestions is for clients to purchase a second set of cramp remedies to keep by the bedside in order to treat night time cramping.
Below are links for two different homeopathic muscle cramp remedies:
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#1. Hyland’s Muscle Cramps and Pains, Magnesium Phosphate 6X   – $10.29

#2. Hyland’s Leg Cramps Dissolving Tablets – Homeopathic –  $4.99

Give A Gift Certificate!

Do you have loved ones who enjoy going to the gym, dancing, bicycling, running, hiking, horseback riding, yoga, martial arts, golf, tennis or any active sport? They might love receiving a gift certificate for a session on the Pilates Reformer and discovering all that Pilates can do to support and enhance their physical fitness!
Or maybe you have a loved one who is challenged with a sore back or stiff muscles and would love your gift of a Pilates session to learn gentle and therapeutic movements that relieve their condition!
Please contact: or text me 707-529-2530 if you would like to purchase a gift certificate.