The Merrithew Fitness Circle Lite is one example of a Pilates Magic Circle

Using the Pilates “Magic Circle” also known as a “Fitness Circle” as a accessory to Pilates mat moves turns out to be one of the most effective ways to keep a consistent width between the arms or between the legs during the Pilates mat moves.

This consistent width allows for extra┬ástability of the body’s frame and muscles and increases the body’s ability to create straight muscle tone by avoiding the wobbling of limbs.

I highly recommend clients at A Room For Pilates Studio in Sebastopol, CA utilize a magic circle as part of their weekly workout.

Below are three examples of using the magic circle to keep consistent width between limbs and achieve better muscles toning as a result:

  1. Placing the feet on the inside of the circle and pressing the ankles outwards against the soft handles while doing “Leg lowers and lifts” allows for consistent width to be held in the hips, the thighs, the knees and the feet. This consistency is a boon when trying to achieve even muscle tone throughout the lower body. The results are notable and the magic circle makes it possible to avoid the wobbling limbs that lower the body’s ability to form lean muscle and end up increasing stress.
  1. Placing the magic circle over the outside of the knees when doing a move like a ” Pilates Bridge” allows the knees to stay in the same precise width throughout the lifting and lowering of the pelvis. This makes a dramatic difference in the building of consistent muscles in the abdomen and legs.
  1. Using the magic circle between the palms of the hands also keeps the shoulders and arms in the same width over and over again.

I find it extremely effective for both building muscles in the upper arms and for letting go of shoulder stress due to irregular and stressful daytime movements.

The Pilates Circle shown above is made by a company called “Merrithew” and is sold online.

If you wish to order one here it is on