“The Allegro #2 Reformer at A Room For Pilates Studio, Sebastopol, CA

At A Room For Pilates Studio in Sebastopol, CA I have a Balanced Body Allegro #2 Reformer to share with clients.

I chose this innovative and relatively new model of reformer due to several features that have been improved upon by the Balanced Body equipment design team.

The most prominent feature that has been re-designed in this reformer is the footbar. This footbar is by far the most efficient and easiest designed bar to move up and down the frame of the reformer.

Older studio reformer models had the “Infinity Footbar” design which required too much strength and struggle to move it up and down the side of the reformer.

This new Allegro #2 model literally rolls the footbar all the way down the reformer frame making it user friendly to change directions and incorporate the footbar in a large variety of moves that used to be too difficult to set up during a workout.

The other improvement in this reformer design is the “Rope Adjustment System”. In the older studio reformer models the ropes were secured by “Cleats” and each rope needed to be adjusted and re-secured by hand. This used to take a significant amount of time during a one hour lesson.

In this new Allegro #2 model there is an automatic rope adjustment feature that makes it so easy to shorten or lengthen the ropes and have flow and ease during a workout.

The last feature I appreciate is the easy to remove shoulder pads which make it possible to quickly remove the pads and use the open flat carriage without inhibit. This feature also gives far more flexibility in what moves can be done on reformer and how much space the body has to use without inhibit.

As an instructor I find I need the quick and easy transitions that the Allegro #2  footbar, rope adjustment system and shoulder rest designs provide so that I am not wasting precious time during a session with a client and enjoying the benefits of the reformer instead.